Lamaj  is a techno music producer from the Netherlands. Ofcourse music was nr 1 starting from a young age, i decided in my late twentys to go all in on creating techno music. In 2017 the label LAMAJ MUSIC was born , not long after that he joined the team of DI TECHNO Detroit usa.


It was an honor to learn so much at the agency in detroit, "i really found the root of techno, and thats what i needed to become a player in the music industry" . After two beautiful years it brought me so much experience and i really gained my way in to the scene. With some amazig gigs already done and upcomming i truely feel blessed to express my self !


With one upcomming EP at Undergrounds records UY this year, and one already one in stores at Lets's Techno Records ITA. Lamaj is building his music carreer bit by bit.